Why online spiritual journaling?

There are many benefits to keeping a journal. Instead of using a pen and a book to journal, the traditional way, Secret place blogging introduces online spiritual journaling which utilizes WordPress.com to keep and to manage your logs (termed as posts in blogging). It is free and can be set to private, only for your viewing.

If you click on the link “keeping a journal” in the previous paragraph, highlighted in blue, you will be directed to a well-written blog post where the author shares 10 benefits you will reap from keeping a journal.

When I first started my first private online journal, Place it in his hands, in 2012, I was at a low point in my life. I realized that when I set a goal to journal my spiritual reflections and experiences regularly, not only did I instill discipline back into my life, my confidence is also boosted when I managed to keep this ritual going and saw my first blog grew and was completed.

Since then, my online journal blog becomes a haven for me to express my feelings and to draw near to God when the negativity in my life increases. I will jot down bible verses that I can meditate on which help me overcome my challenges in real life; And find encouragement from a list of christian songs, other blogs and websites which I have compiled in my blog.

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