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* Contents were written in early 2017 and would cover the main points to get your blog started. Due to continual changes made by the software companies quoted, and other design softwares, to beautify the design and improve the utility of their products, pictorial examples given in this blog were outdated and would differ from the actual. Thank you.

Welcome to the page – Get started now.

This page directs you to build your own private journaling blog and to start writing down your spiritual reflections and experiences.

When blogging was a hype, more than 10 years ago, I had my first go at blogging when I saw my friends have their own blogs. The service back then was provided by another company other than As I was not as well-versed at using a computer, I gave up blogging after a short while. I didn’t even get past customizing my blog to what I want it to be like! When I started my first private journaling blog using about 5 years ago, I had a much easier and pleasant ride because it was, and still is so user friendly.

Before you read the contents in this page, if you haven’t read the “Disclaimer” page, you may want to do so now. Also, please read through and be aware that you are agreeing to the terms of service of when you create and possess a account and blog.

At the point of creating this blog, I found that has already amassed a vast amount of resources on various topics about blogging which can be found (type your query in the search bar) at their Support Home page and you can sign up at her Blogging university taking online courses that range from beginner to advanced levels (She is adding new courses regularly). Furthermore, You can search or post your questions at forums for help and the friendly Happiness engineers and volunteers will assist you in no time.

I will gladly act as a guide to point you to where you can go to for the relevant information relating to the topics of the posts that I wrote below.

I will also share from my first hand experience what to take note of if you want a private journaling blog, and personalize and tailor the steps towards this goal. Details that are irrelevant are deliberately omitted to avoid taxing you so that you can get down to writing down your spiritual reflections and experiences quickly.

These posts can be read in order or selectively if you are already familiar with blogging.

  1. First few steps to setting up and activating your blog
  2. General settings
  3. Choosing and activating your theme
  4. Editing and changing your header image
  5. Menus and recommended widgets
  6. Writing, publishing and editing
  7. Keep experimenting and learning

It is easier to start a private blog than a public one as you are the only person who views and edits it (unless you may want to give rights to a few special people to view it). Setting your blog to private removes any judgement from others so you are on your own to do your own thing and to evaluate your own success.

If you have followed the steps faithfully, you should already have a private journaling blog that you’d love to write in weekly.

The hardest thing about online spiritual journaling, however, is to upkeep and maintain your blog. Is your blog still organic after 1 month, or one year? This requires discipline and consistency.

As WordPress is continuously making changes to her software to enable a better design and user experience, some of the information shared may become outdated at the point you are reading it.

Do email me at if you do discover an inaccuracy in the information.

Have fun and keep your blog healthy and alive!

The next page – Spiritual significance of this blog – is written mainly for Christians.

Thank you for sharing this journey.