Editing and changing your header image

This is the 2nd post in the series on customizing your blog.

If you had missed the first post of the series, you can read it here – Choosing and activating your theme.

Editing and changing your header image is crucial in personalizing and beautifying your private blog. Your custom header image also acts as a reminiscence for you – Why you start your blog in the first place – whenever you visit your blog .

To get started, after you have logged in to your account, click on “My Site(s)” to go to the menu in your homepage. You should see that the default header image for the theme that I have activated, Colinear, is the carrot image. Go to the Customizer by clicking on “Customize” under the “Themes” tab on your left.


You will see on the Customizer that there is a “Header image” tab which means that your theme does support having a header image. Click on it.


As you can see, under the heading “Current header” is your default header image of the carrot and under the heading “Suggested” there are other default stored images to choose from. Now let’s change your current image header to another suggested image – the cherry image. Click on the cherry image under the “Suggested” images right beneath the carrot image.


You will see that your header image has now changed to the cherry image. To confirm and save this change permanently for your blog, click on “Save & publish”.


You can also add an image from your computer to be used as your header image.

To learn how to do this, please click on this link of WordPress.com support – Custom header image – to read the contents in this page and also watch the video.

Now you would already know how to crop a picture that you had saved in your computer to use it as your header image.

Next I will share from experience how to do some basic editing on a picture with your site title and site tagline in it to be used as your custom header image like these two custom header images that I had used for my private blogs – Place it in his hands and Faithfulness to the next step.



First, choose a picture you had taken and save it in a sure location in your computer. Alternatively, you can download pictures from the list of websites provided in this post to your computer – 20 sites with free images for your blog or social media posts. I highly recommend Pixabay. Many of the pictures are free for download with no attribution required.

I am using this picture from Pixabay.


*After edit on 12/3/18 – At the moment, Picmonkey is no longer free. Refer to this video below for other free photo editors –

I will use a free photo editor that can be found online – PicMonkey (Close any advertisement pop-ups).

Click on the tab “Edit” and open up your saved picture from the location that you had saved.

36. PicMonkey 1.jpg

37. PicMonkey 2.jpg

Under customizing header image (refer to above if you have forgotten), obtain the recommended header image size. For this theme, Colinear, it is 1188 by 240 pixels.


When you open up your picture in PicMonkey, click on “Crop”and set the crop size to be the same as the recommended header image size. Click “Apply”. You can also click on the “Auto adjust” if you want a quick fix to your photo (colors, sharpness etc.). If you have made an unwanted change and want to go back to the previous, click on the back arrow that can be found below.


Now click on the symbol tab “Tt”on your extreme left. Then “Add text”. You can type your blog title and tagline in the text box and also change the fonts and size of your text. The text box can be expanded by holding your mouse and pulling the edges to stretch it. It can also be moved to a desired position on your header image. Finally click on “Save” after you are satisfied with your changes.

There are other free features in PicMonkey which you may want to experiment to make your picture more attractive. If you want more features (premium Royale features) you can also pay to sign up the Royale membership.

You may be prompted to sign up an account (providing your email and a password) with PicMonkey to save your completed works. Yes do so as the basic membership is free.


Type in a filename and click on “Save to my computer”to save to a sure location.


After this, you can perform the step of “Add new image” to put this image as your new header image. If you have forgotten how to do this, you can go to this link of WordPress.com support – Custom header image – to watch and learn from the video again.

You can skip cropping the image size as it is already set to the recommended. Remember to click on “Save & publish”.

Now if you have done everything correctly, you will see your site title and tagline being repeated in your image. You can remove the display of the site title and tagline on top if you want.


Under the Customizer, go to “Site identity”.


Just unclick the tick in the small box beside “Display site title and tagline”. You will see the site tile and tagline above your new image header will disappear. Now click on “Save & publish”.


Now your blog should look something like this when you exit the Customizer after saving the changes.

If you are stuck or have any question, you can type in the search bar to search from the topics at WordPress.com Support Home page; Search the forums or add a new topic and wait for answers at WordPress.com forums.

46. Remove site title n tagline 3.jpg

Well done. Now you can move on to the last post in the series on customizing your blog – Menus and recommended widgets.

Alternatively, You may also choose to return to the page – Get started now.


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