General settings

Congratulations on setting up your account for your private journaling blog.

After you have logged in to your account through the login page, you can see that is really user-friendly. Pop-ups will appear to welcome and guide you on your new adventure of blogging such as these 2 in the photos attached below.



Over the years, has amassed a vast amount of resources on various topics about blogging which can be found (type your query in the search bar) at Support Home page and her Blogging university which offer courses that range from beginner to advanced levels and is adding new courses regularly. You may want to take a look at these resources during your free time to learn more about blogging.

Now to get started, you may want to know about making a few important changes to your general settings. Click on the “My Site(s)” tab on the top left corner. Scroll down and click on “Settings” and you will arrive at the “General” section.


Click on the links of the Support page of WordPress (opens up in a new tab individually) below and follow through the steps –

  1. General settings page 1
  2. General settings page 2

One thing to note – Under the section of privacy of general settings page 1, instead of public, set your private journaling blog to private. This allows only you and users you approve to view your blog.


Under blog picture of general settings page 2, You may want to make your blog more aesthetically pleasing by uploading a blog picture or blavatar but this is optional as your blog will be set to private.

Always remember to click on “Save settings” after you have made any change to your settings.

Besides getting all the other settings done, I believe by now you have written a “Site title” and your “Tagline” for your blog which briefly define it. We will touch on the site title and tagline again later on.

If you are stuck or have any question, you can type in the search bar to search from the topics at Support Home page; Search the forums or add a new topic and wait for answers at forums.

You can read the next post about customizing your private blog – Choosing and activating your theme – or go back to the page – Get started now.


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