Write for yourself

There is a double connotation to the phrase – Write for yourself.

The first one – To start and continue to journal online only to please yourself.

The second – To let the only online audience that you are writing for be you.

On the first connotation, I think it is miserable to do, and to continue to do something, if we are not doing it for and to please ourselves. It is perfectly okay to stop online spiritual journaling if you realize that you are not doing it for yourself, that online spiritual journaling is not your life’s passion. You don’t have to feel guilty about quitting as it is not unethical in any way.

A link to a well-written online article about practical ways to find your life’s passion and a career that you love written by Deena Varshavskaya, founder of Wanelo4 practical ways to find your life’s passion and a career that you love.

Having said that, many times we need to start something first, and continue to do it for a period of time to reach any conclusion if we are doing it for ourselves and if that activity is intrinsically rewarding.

After some time of sticking to it, if you do decide to exercise the first point that Deena has wrote, “When you know that it’s not working, quit fast”, do give a proper closure to your private blog and move on to something else.

Still on the topic of doing it for yourself, this is an extract from my previous post – My own journey of online spiritual journaling

After Place it in his hands and Faithfulness to the next step (total of about 4 years of spiritual journaling), I have become a loyal fan of blogging using WordPress when most people have switched to using another social media platform such as Instagram to express their thoughts and ideas. God has given me the grace to sustain through writing both of these blogs and in the process, I have fallen in love with blogging. I love writing and the satisfaction that I get from the activity itself rather than doing it for the cheer and approval from others.

After about 4 years of online spiritual journaling, I can safely conclude that it is my life’s passion.

It is only fair to evaluate if online spiritual journaling is your life’s passion by setting a small and achievable goal from the start and commit to doing it until a set dateline.

The goal that I have given myself over the years is to post only once a week in each of my spiritual journaling blogs, what I have termed as a weekly update. For my first private blog, Place it in his hands, I have chosen to start on Easter Sunday in April 2012 and to commit to journal weekly in it until the last week of the same year. I moved on to my next private blog, Faithfulness to the next step, which I continued for about 3 years from 2013 to 2015.

Do set for yourself an achievable goal and dateline when you start to journal online.

Now to elaborate on the second connotation – To let the only online audience that you are writing for be you.

I think the only way to be close to perfectly honest in your writing is to write as if no one else is reading it except God and you.

When you write in a private journaling blog, you can be more free and secure to express, not hiding certain details you are ashamed of to reveal and not inflating any details to impress when you write for others. Of course, even with a password, you can never guarantee that no one can access your private blog but the degree of freedom to express truthfully is significantly much more.

Jeff Goins, an author of many books, including the national best seller, The Art of work, has listed many more benefits of this point and the whys and the hows of doing it. The online articles relating to this can be found in the links below –

  1. Why you should write first for yourself
  2. Three ways to write for yourself

If you are a Christian, your private journaling blog is your secret place with God where you develop a history with Him. Read more about this in this page – Spiritual significance of this blog.

“Your history with God is shaped in the quiet place, the still place.” – Bill Johnson.

At the time of writing this blog, I have 3 spiritual journaling blogs. All 3 of them are private blogs, two of them were completed. I am currently journaling weekly in my private blog, Loving faithfulness.

Through the making of this public blog, Secret place blogging, I wish to share my love of online spiritual journaling and hope that you will benefit from this practice as much as I have through the years.

Read the next post – Keeping your blog healthy and alive! Or go back to the page – Why online spiritual journaling?


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