Traditional journaling versus Online journaling

There are many benefits to keeping a journal, no matter you do it the traditional way, using a pen and a book; Or do it online through blogging. This post compares traditional journaling and online journaling.

Privacy and security

Although there is a password safeguard when you keep a private online journal, it is definitely safer to journal in a book and lock it up somewhere than to keep your records online.

Despite having a password to your blog you can never guarantee that no one can access it – The system manager of the website content management system, any domestic or international intelligence or security organizations, and unfortunately, hackers.

“Do you confess to a priest if you have murdered someone or reveal to him where do you keep your family heirloom?”

The level of security should be sufficient for most people writing their spiritual reflections and experiences. If you do decide to start journaling online, still be selective what you write inside it.

Access and organization

I find this is the greatest advantage of online journaling over traditional journaling.

You can write and edit your posts in your online journal everywhere you go when you have a computer and internet access and you don’t risk losing your only copy of records when you are traveling. However, do be cautious if you are using someone’s else computer (It may be infected with a Trojan horse to steal your password).

It is easier to find and refer to a past record of your log in an online journal than a journal book by the help of the widgets such as the Search Widget, Calendar Widget, and Archives Widget. You can do away with the trouble of flipping the pages to find something by an easy click of the mouse.

Attachments and links

This is another great advantage of online journaling over traditional journaling.

Digital pictures can be attached to your online journal without the fear of them falling out which is what you are faced with when you attach any real picture to your journal book. A bulky picture filled book is definitely inconvenient to carry around! Another plus point is that you can even attach links to videos and websites to relate to what you are writing in your online journal.

If you are an artist and do a lot of rough illustrations in your journal book, you may consider switching to an online journal by scanning your illustrations or taking digital photographs of them before uploading these images on to your online journal.

These are a few points for sharing. No matter you choose to journal the traditional way or online, the most important thing is that you do it the way that suits you most, the way that you like most, so that you may sustain in doing it.

Bottom line, you are doing this for yourself, so choose whatever way you like best to journal. Read the next post – Write for yourself – Or go back to the page – Why online spiritual journaling?


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