What is spiritual journaling?

Journaling is basically the activity whereby you record your experiences, ideas or reflections regularly for private use.

People journal, or keep a record, about many things – The food that they eat; The places and countries they traveled to; And even research findings that are published as periodicals such as the American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

This blog, Secret place blogging, is about journaling, but more specifically spiritual journaling. The word, spiritual, as an adjective is defined as relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things; Or relating to religion or religious belief.

To elaborate, if your blog is a record of the places you have traveled to – You may choose to compile pictures and itineraries with little foot notes; Or you can record what these places mean to you and how you are feeling when you are at this particular city, attached with a picture. The latter is more of a spiritual undertaking. The word spiritual becomes comprehensible and applicable to journaling when we take into account that it involves the human spirit or soul other than just a projection of the material or physical thing.

Christians spend time in prayer, bible reading and meditations, what they termed as Quiet time. Through Spiritual journaling, Christians record down their experiences and reflections during their Quiet time sessions. In the future, when they re-read their blog, they can be reminded of their Walk with God, or the journey that they had traveled with God, and reminisce how He had intervened in their lives.

As a Christian, I may relate to my faith when giving examples.

You may click on – My own journey of online spiritual journaling – to read next or go back to the page – Why online spiritual journaling?


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