Secret place blogging was officially launched on the 28th February 2017 on the blogosphere.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony – Thomas Merton

Welcome to Secret place blogging!

Secret place blogging is my first public blog which shares about online spiritual journaling.

I decided to create this blog after I have journaled my own spiritual experiences for four years, going to be five on Easter Sunday in 2017 (It is five now and counting …). Previously I had written only in private blogs, so starting Secret place blogging is a significant milestone for me. The private blogs that I have journaled in are, Place it in his hands (about 1 year), Faithfulness to the next step (about 3 years), and my current blog, Loving Faithfulness, which I intend to journal in for 10 years (started in the year 2016).

Secret place blogging encourages the creation and use of blogs to record your spiritual reflections and experiences, an activity I termed as online spiritual journaling.

Secret place blogging isn’t a site that emphasizes on how to make money online through blogging but rather shares the practice and benefits of spiritual journaling using a private WordPress.com blog as a medium.

There are 7 items which appear as 7 tabs above the header image of this blog from left to right, and top to bottom – “About”, “Why online spiritual journaling?”, “Get started now”, “Spiritual significance of this blog”, “Disclaimer”, “WordPress.com’s Terms of Service” and finally a “Contact” page.

It is easy to use this blog. After you have finished reading the contents in this “About” page, you can click the next two pages in the order “Why online spiritual journaling?” and “Get started now”, spending some time to read the posts linked to each page and doing them.

The contents in the page “Spiritual significance of this blog” elaborated on how this blog and blogging mean to me as a Christian and is written mainly for Christians. If you are a Christian, you may want to click on the link and go straight to this page first.

Before you read anything else in this blog, please read my short “Disclaimer” page and also WordPress.com‘s Terms of Service if you have decided to create a WordPress.com account and blog.

On the whole, if you have any comment for this blog, you can use the “Contact” page.

Thank you.